Hi I'm Trish Ward

I know. Your silent mantra is responsibility. It was mine too…

You wonder how people seem to be handling it all. Their kids are perfect angels, they are up for promotion at work and they have the energy to dress up for date night. And you’re left wondering how they do it when you feel like you can barely keep it together.

You’re searching for balance in the chaos of all of it. But, deep down you know that balance is a messed up word and something that is pretty hard to come by.

It doesn’t really exist. Not in REAL life.

And even harder when you’re an ambitious and passionate go-getter in life.

Not when your body feels like your worst enemy. Your to-do list is 8 miles long, your boss asks you to lead the team meeting and somehow simultaneously you have to get 4 dozen gluten free, peanut free, dairy free cookies baked for the school picnic.

Not when friends you love and adore only see you once a year and your partner feels more like a sibling than a lover.

Not when your kids are freaking out and all you can do is attempt to lure them to stillness with their iPad and snacks with so much sugar in them it makes you feel guilty.

Perfect balance is hard to attain, but when you’re an ambitious and passionate go-getter in life it’s so much harder.

You and I both know that things have gotten really off kilter…and the kids aren’t the only ones losing it lately…

You can do a lot better than collapsing into bed at night, exhausted beyond all measure, but unable to stop the endless stream of thoughts and the aches and pains whose origins you can’t recall.

By saying yes to one more person, you continue to say no to yourself.

Work with me

The blog isn’t the only place you can find useful information to learn how to find balance and love your body again. We also have a podcast and Apple TV show coming. Read the details below and sign up for the waiting list!

The Podcast

We’re discussing nutrition, exercise tips, mindset and more on this podcast. Listening in is going to make your daily commute to work so much more fun! It’s still in production, but you can sign up below to be the first one to know when we hit the air.


The best tips on anything from nutrition to exercise to make sure you’re going to feel amazing, right on Apple TV. We’re not broadcasting yet, but you can already subscribe to our waiting list so you’re the first to know when we go live.

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I Give Back To The Community 

MyTeamTriumph allows people with extra challenges the opportunity to be an athlete for a day. Both as the parent of a special needs child and as the previous VP of the CA board this charity is near and dear to my heart. I was so touched that my athleticism could help another individual like my son.

When you have a special needs child, some days, all you want is freedom from the intensity. mTT gives families the opportunity to do just that. It’s so moving to see able-bodied people get just as much or more out of the experience of racing and crossing a finish line, as those with special needs. There are smiles for days from both parties.

3% of any income generated on this site goes towards mTT.
Helping others is what brings me great joy.