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A Sacred Space for Special Needs Families to Reclaim their Health, Their Happiness, and their Heart.

I have lived in the lonliness and confusion. I have lived in the silent daily grief of ‘what could have been’ and ‘why my child?” Over time (and a lot of consistent generousity to self, and finding a tribe that understood me) I have transformed those thoughts into, “wow! Me?” I want to help you do that too.

When we had our son, my life flipped upside down. No one ever prepares you for what motherhood entails; that’s especially true for special needs moms. After all, I wasn’t on a mountaintop furiously waving saying, “pick me! Pick me!

I became a super crazy research mom that ended up back in school because I had to know every enth of every aspect of everything, because it was MY KID they were talking about and you better believe that a momma does research like a FBI agent. I have learned what therapies are realistic and what ones I needed to let go of and man oh man, have I got loud and clear that this happened FOR me not TO me.

Like all special needs moms, we research like a FBI agent. I was no different. I have my son to thank for all of my intensive education. I only wish I had a tribe to call mine sooner in our journey to ‘our normal’. A place where I could feel home and not lonely, but research and learn at the same time. I created just that:



Special Needs Membership & What’s Included for You

  • Completely Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Group Live Q&A with Trish
  • Monthly Expert Interviews on Latest Research to Help Our Kids
  • Easy to Digest Webinar Education with Action Steps
  • Special Needs Resources & Weekly Group Suggested Meals
  • Community! Love and Support from moms who get it
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Common Challenges I Can Help With

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Autism / PSD
  • Bowel Issues (Constipation + Incontinence)
  • Food Sensitivities / Food Allergies
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety + Depression
  • Digestive Disorders
  • OCD
  • Learning Disabilities

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