Six Weeks to a Healthier You

Let's Make This Real Simple

It's Your Season, Time for a Healthier, Happier You. Give me 6 weeks and I’ll help you get there!

Introducing the 6 week Restore Your Gut health program. The only program designed to help you rehabilitate your gut and reclaim the life you deserve.


Sick of Hearing what you can't Do? Here is what you can do…

You CAN ditch the horrible belly bloat get a flatter tummy and ditch the gas and bloat.

You CAN get your energy back, so you can do more of what you love with your life.

You CAN sleep through the night and feel refreshed when you wake up.

You CAN boost your immune system, making weight loss and healing feel easy.

You CAN say goodbye to irritability, depression and anxiety because releasing gut toxins makes for a nicer woman, mama and human!

I have been in your shoes before.

I have crawled back from food allergies, leaky gut, constipation, brain fog, cellulite, toxic pounds and adrenal fatigue.

You can too.

You are why I created this program. 

Finally, YOU CAN get a program that helps ditch belly bloat, fatigue, and poor sleep and completely restores your life.

I'm PASSIONATE About Health and I'm Passionate About You!

I created this program for 5 BIG Reasons…


I want to empower YOU (yes, YOU) with the right tools...

A healthy gut starts with tools that not ONLY cleanse your system, but also safely and effectively nourish your immune system and body. And its FAMILY FRIENDLY – no more making different meals.

There’s too much information out there…

Don’t spend another ounce of energy thinking about what to eat to rid your digestive issues. I've done the heavy lifting for you. Real food has always been the best tool to do the trick.

I know this works…

I PERSONALLY have created this program to help with my gut issues. Not only do I feel better and look better, but I am better from the inside out.

Understanding the science brings healing…

Once you know what triggers leaky gut and food sensitivity, you can implement a unique plan for healing. I'll teach you more about how the science stacks up.

You deserve a quality program with support…

This program is packed with all the recipes and step by step instructions you need to restore your gut. In addition you will have group support, personal 1:1 support and education so you can stop the confusion and finally know what works for you.

So, How’s the Gut Restore program work?

It’s a safe and effective 6 week course rooted in education and sprinkled with inspiration. Together we will get your digestion working and feed your soul. You gut is referred to as your “second brain”. Let’s get you thinking clearly!

This is how we will change your life!

an excuse free step by step gut restore.

Fully done meal plans (that taste great) with all-included grocery lists to make your life that much easier.


Feel fully supported with weekly learning modules, weekly calls, FB group support, Q&As and a 30 minute one on one call filled with unique suggestions just for you.

simple self-care tools that are totally doable.

Self care tools hand crafted by someone who just GETS it. Keep your sanity and your success.

For 6 weeks, We're Going to Focus on YOU!

Ditch Processed Foods

Dairy, wheat, soy, sugars, and the other biggest culprits that leave us depleted, sick, and exhausted.


This entire routine is tried and true, and completely done for you. Simply download and get started.


Get your gut cleansed and your soul aligned so that you can love the way you feel in the skin you’re in.


What Will You Learn?

we've prepared all this and more….

How Do a I Know I have a Leaky Gut?
What Foods are Wreaking Havoc On Your Digestion
How to Unpack Your Relationship with Food
What to Eat to Clean Out Your System
How to Know If You're Chronically Inflamed
What Foods Give You More Energy and Better Sleep
Why Food Allergies Hamper Your Immune System
The Self-Care Routine that Changes Everything
BONUS: How to Preserve Your Self-Care
BONUS: Stress & Hormone Care For Women
BONUS: 30 Minute 1:1 call with Trish to map out your path individually

Click here to check out the curriculum

What's Included in the Restore Program?


Recipe Guide + Weekly Grocery List
59 Gut-Friendly Recipes to Improve Digestion, jump-start your metabolism, and keep you toxin free, plus done-for-you grocery lists and supplement suggestions. 
6 Week Meal Plan + Food Log
Done-for-You Meal Plan and Tracker to make your life easier. Busy-Mom approved with tips, tricks, and prep guides to keep your meal-time prep to a minimum. 
Weekly Calls + Q&A's
Support. Support. Support. Know you will be guided by someone who has clinical knowledge & experience of what is going on with your health and well-being and knows how to get outcomes. 
Support + Private FB Group
Keep momentum, feel supported and ask questions when changing your lifestyle and creating new habits.  You are not alone, there is a community to support you  
1:1 Call with Trish
We will take a Deep Dive into your specific gut issues and health needs. This is your custom call with suggestions just for your biochemistry & lifestyle needs
Educational Videos & Handouts
Worksheets & Videos made to help you assess and conquer your biggest digestive concerns. All under 15 minutes so you can go about your day 

Normally Listed at $1,500

Buy Now for Only $997! 

Buh-Bye Adrenal Fatigue

Wake up in the morning and be able to SKIP the line at Starbucks.

Ditch the dark circles, puffy eyes, and bedhead. Kiss fatigue goodbye.

inflammation EXILE

Rediscover your glowing skin ( free of redness, free of inflammation, and free of breakouts ).

Less SnapChat filters, more genuine smiling! Needle pokes not included!

belly bloating be gone!

Stop sucking in and relying on angles for a Facebook photo.

Give your belly bloating an eviction notice, it’s time to get back to your skinny jeans, girl.

Mood BOOST made-easy

Rock your high vibes without fear and walk with confidence again.

Feel less like a basket case and more like a boss in less than a month!


Feel better in 15 minutes a day with simply made self-care strategies.

Stop putting everyone else first and THRIVE.


Give your body a fighting chance by pushing delete on the recycle bin living in your gut.

Less gas, less cramps, less heartburn, and normal poops.

Your body is carrying roughly 5-10 pounds of toxicity at any given time!

Which means a headache, bloated belly, or that extra weight that’s staying on. Let's get you back to great!


Gut Restore preparation

  • Kitchen ready routine and checklist
  • Mind adjustment and commitment plan
  • Recipe introduction and guide
  • Advanced Label reading – what you don’t know
  • Start planning for your daily routine and weekly schedule

Week One: Laying the Foundation

  • What is Gut Health and Toxicity
  • Determining if you have a “Leaky Gut”
  • Food Allergies – Starting with the basics
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics and understanding what I need
  • Supplements that restore the gut
  • Self-care tools to reduce toxicity
  • Make your own gut health foods

Week Two: Understanding your Body

  • Basics of Food Combining
  • Achieving Alkalinity
  • PH testing for your body
  • Healthy Poop
  • Snacking and eating healthy on a dime
  • How to combine traveling and healing your gut
  • Self-care boundaries and stress hormones

Week Three: You are what you eat

  • Liver loving superfoods
  • Going Gluten Free
  • Grains and Phytic Acid
  • The Carb Complex
  • Curbing Sugar cravings
  • Delicious fats and clean protein
  • Ditching caffeine
  • Simple Supplements

Week Four: Gut Health Road Blocks

  • The stress and gut connection
  • Candida and yeast overgrowth
  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Hormones imbalances
  • Nutrient Depletion
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Ditching caffeine
  • Journal writing to reduce stress

Week Five: Mind Body Connection

  • Movement – any movement
  • Deep breathing
  • Affirmations
  • Write and Burn
  • Release Rituals
  • “Tapping” to heal your gut

Week Six: Tools for Continuous Success

  • Why your gut must be first
  • Emotions and the gut
  • Eating Out
  • Transitioning food
  • Your support lifeline
  • Saying yes to you
  • Life after Gut Restore