Perfect balance is hard to attain, but when you’re an ambitious and passionate go-getter in life, it’s so much harder.

You and I both know that things have gotten really off kilter…

and the kids aren’t the only ones losing it lately…

You can do a lot better than collapsing into bed at night, exhausted beyond all measure, but unable to stop the endless stream of thoughts and the aches and pains whose origins you can’t recall.

By saying yes to one more person, you continue to say no to yourself.

You’re fed up with feeling frustrated by your own exhaustion and instability. Burnout doesn’t even begin to describe it…

It’s been a long journey and you thought by now you’d be in a place of contentment and maybe even…peace?

I mean, you have worked so hard for the family, the job, the house.

But it’s all come at a price. Thanks to your constant generosity of time and energy. And perhaps being a bit too lenient when it comes to establishing and holding strong to healthy boundaries.  Mhmm you know the ones therapists always preach about (they’re actually kinda important).

You’ve made giving who you are. You see yourself as a bottomless loving cup that will never get depleted. And honey, I so appreciate how you exist. Because who you are is beautiful and your presence for other people is a gift.

Yet you don’t give to yourself. And you know you should be doing more for your health but you have no idea where to start…

You’re lost and craving control over your body and emotions. And you’re just now realizing you deeply desire that connection of feeling WHOLE and NOURISHED.

I absolutely know how you feel.

I’m Trish Ward, Supermom, wife, business woman. My journey from burnout to balance started when my second child was born with a disability. Being a mom is challenging enough. His extra needs brought a whole new spectrum of responsibility and fear of the unknown.

I started running as my form of therapy. What for most people is just a casual hobby, for me, became a way of life. I trained hard, and I pushed myself to the limit like I did with everything else. And the harder I pushed, the slower I got, the more depleted I felt and as burnout started to eat at my ability to be a great mom, and to live a joyful live- I started asking questions.

Questions are a dangerous necessity because they often show us a reality that isn’t pretty.

My quest to figure out what was going on with me led me to find out that every vitamin and mineral that could be depleted was, and it would be a long road to fix these nutritional gaps.

But when I finally did-  my whole world shifted. I went from zapped and uninspired to feeling refreshed and present for my kids… like I truly wanted to be.

This brought me on the path towards helping other SuperWomen, The Doer’s, The Overachievers; My passion is finding solutions to your health challenges, holistically. Together we stand up for You and put You First.  

I don’t just look at symptoms. I dig deeper than that to the underlying reasons you don’t feel well. We test and look at your Science, but I look at who you are at your core…your physical, emotional and mental story…your inner stressors and outer struggles and create a plan for your LIFE, starting with your headaches, chronic fatigue or hormonal imbalance.

I know a thing or two about getting you feeling amazing… body and soul. Years of studying and helping others is where my passion lies. I love to dissect labs and dig for internal stressors (think hormone issues, food allergies, guts issues) while helping clients create a healthy lifestyle plan that will allow them to truly enjoy their life.

I also know how hard it can be to put yourself first. Especially when your biggest challenge is TIME. Which is why I’ve curated the map to navigate you to your health goals. All you need to do is commit.

I’m the kind of person that will hold you accountable and help you see the bigger picture.

All while wrapping you in a feeling of being understood and accepted as you are. There’s no judgement, only genuine compassion and empathy.

I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like to face the daily whims, the ups and downs and the constant discomfort and struggle that comes with any health problem.

I know what it feels like to lay in bed at night unable to relax and to wake up unable to muster the energy to greet the day.

I know what it feels like to give everything you have until there’s nothing left for you.

I know what it’s like to have no energy, but a deep burning desire to feel amazing.

And I’m here to grant you permission to take off the Super Cape and make yourself a priority.

To lift the brain fog that robs you of the focus you need to achieve your dreams, or find your parked car in the grocery store lot. YESSSS, I 100% GET YOU.

To get rid of the hormonal imbalances that cause you to snap at the mildest comment. OH YEAH…

To choose foods that don’t make your skin dry and your hair fall out and your sex drive seem like a distant memory. HEEELLLLLOOOOOOO.

To eliminate that lingering anxiety that you carry with you all day long and replace it with a feeling of contentment.

Nobody’s perfect. Nobody has it all together. But in the name of self-improvement we all have the innate potential to find more balance and room for expansion.

My own path to health was wrought with challenges. Adrenal fatigue to the max, digestive issues that made me feel like life would be better without food…that’s sayin’ ALOT because I’m Italian!

Worst of all, my patience wore down like a chisel sculpting a vision of distress and I couldn’t be fully present for my family. I felt like I was failing and flailing through life when I should be thriving through these exciting years.

But you know how the story goes…Once I said YES to me and committed to my health, I became better- the woman I knew I was along. Now, I’m better than I imagined… for me, my family, and my business. But please know, this is because I commit to myself. Every.Single.Day…you can to!

I also know how hard it can be to put yourself first. (Especially when your biggest challenge is TIME.) Which is why I’ve curated the map to navigate you to your health goals. All you need to do is commit.

Like Nelson Mandela committed to peace. Like Mikhail Baryshnikov is committed to creativity. Like Ellen Degeneres is committed to making people smile.

“Let go or be dragged” -Zen Proverb

Drop the stuff that’s holding you back. I did it, and I know you can too.

You can let go of the excuses.

You can make the time.

You deserve the life you’ve dreamed…Symptom-Free.
And it all starts with saying YES to YOU.

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